Tips on How to Live a Motivated Lifestyle


There are sunshines and sunsets of life. Sunsets of life are known as setbacks of life. When sunsets of life come in one’s life, life turns out to be painful and distressing. However, it is possible to live a lifestyle of motivation in the midst of dark moments of life.

People respond differently to tough times. There are those who lose appetite to eat, others withdraw themselves. We have lost precious lives of people who killed themselves because of the pressures of the setbacks of life. Other people respond positively to tough times. They stay motivated even when things look so bleak and hopeless.

We cannot deny the fact that tough times are inevitable. However, we must anticipate them and prepare ourselves to overcome them. I have learned in life that the problem is not the problem but the problem is how we respond to the problem.

The other thing that I have learned in life is that living a motivated lifestyle is a decision that all of us need to take.

Let me give you 10 top tips on how you can live a motivated lifestyle.

1. Be realistic

If you want to live a life full of motivation and inspiration even when days are dark, you must acknowledge that problems are there in this life and they come mostly unexpected. Being realistic means that you don’t deny the existence of the problem. The problem with many people is that they get into denial when a problem occurs. This causes more damage to the mind and emotions than expected.

When you are realistic, you don’t blame people for your own frustrations, insecurities, failures, hurts, disappointments, and problems. But, you confront your fears and problems and you allow people close to you to help you deal with them. Don’t shut them out and push them away by your hurtful and sharp words you utter to them. Be realistic and say, “I have a problem, I feel frustrated, I feel insecure and am feeling so weak, how can you help me?”

Being realistic prepares your mind to be strong in tough times and it enables you to have a good expectation beyond the current challenge or problem. This has the power to motivate you to stay positive in the face of dark clouds of life.

2. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself means that you have to love and accept yourself. Loving and accepting yourself is a key to living a motivated lifestyle. When you love and accept yourself, you will love life and you will expect good things from life itself.

Believing in yourself also means that you must believe that you have the potential within you to be successful in life regardless of your current situation. Great leaders like the Former president of America, Abraham Lincoln failed many times in life. He failed in business, he lost his wife, he failed many times to be the president of America. But he believed that he had the potential to be president regardless of setbacks and failures he experienced. Ultimately,he became one of the successful presidents of America.

Self-belief produces self confidence and self confidence produces motivation and inspiration to succeed. When you believe in yourself, you will boldly say, “After darkness there is light, after tears, there is joy, after failure, there is success.”

3. Associate yourself with positive people

You cannot live a life full of motivation if you keep a company of negative people. If you want to live a motivated life, don’t associate with people whose mind is tattooed with negative thoughts.

When you are down, you don’t need people who will keep you down, but you need people who will motivate you to rise up. Motivated life is made possible when you associate with positive people who will speak words of motivation and inspiration to you when you feel like throwing in a towel.

4. Develop a positive perception of life

I have learned that you see what you are prepared to see. If you see life as unfair and troublesome, life will be exactly like the way you see it. But if you see life as beautiful and good despite its problems, you will experience the beauty and goodness of life at the end. Motivation can be a lifestyle to you, if you have a positive perspective of life.

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